This Guy Has Balls

27 May


Zack Hample has snagged 4,508 balls from
47 different Major League Stadiums.  His blog is worth checking out. 
Zack has some really interesting methods of snagging ball from parks. 
Most of Zack’s balls are acquired during team batting practice but,he’s
also caught some rather impressive balls, too.  Most exciting to an
outsider would be his catch of
Barry Bonds’ 724th career home run, and the 263rd career long-ball of Carlos
Beltran which actually ended up being the last one they EVER hit at Shea. He got that one authenticated by

Zack is raising money for a charity called Pitch
In For Baseball
(PIFB) that collects new and “gently used”
baseball equipment and re-distributes it to needy kids around the world.
You can sponsor him at his Website and make a pledge
for each ball he snags.  I made a small pledge remembering that he
collects hundreds each year (and that I’m getting married this
year).  Check it out!

One Response to “This Guy Has Balls”

  1. zackhample May 27, 2010 at 10:43 pm #

    Hey! It’s Zack. Thanks for writing about me — and for making a pledge for the charity. Much appreciated.

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