Hell To Pay

27 May


After last nights 5-0 loss to the Mets, Charlie Manuel held a closed door meeting with the club.  There apparently was no yelling, and nobody got chewed out individually.  Charlie said that he had wanted to wait to do it, but after last night the time had come. It is pretty laughable that the Mets of all teams are the ones that forced this meeting, but I think a lot of it was just timing.  Having not scored in 37 of their last 38 innings the Phillies needed to regroup. 

This offense is obviously capable of so much more.  Defensively the team needs to step it up, too. Four errors in the last week, but that’s just according to the official score card.  There also has been a lack of hustle and fire out on the field.  Sure the team is losing 4-0 right now but you better dive for that ball.  I heard someone this morning say that there is only one place for them to go from here… “Up”

Oh, and as far as the title of this post… That’s what it’s gonna be like for what ever team is opposing the Phils when they get their **** together.

Side Notes-

  • Lidge- No news is good news… I guess.  With Brad, who knows.
  • J-Roll- Jimmy could be ready to be activated by June 6th, which is his first eligible day.
  • J.A. Happ- Progressing, but he’s probably still a few weeks from rejoining the club.  Since Happ is a starter remember that he needs to have extra preperation before he’s going to be able to face multiple batters for multiple innings. 
  • Ryan Madson- Who cares?

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