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Phillies Considering Angel Pagan

1 Dec

pagan1Last night FOX’s Ken Rosenthal linked the Phillies to Angel Pagan, saying that he believed that the 31-year old Pagan had emerged as the Phillies next target for a center fielder.

In 2012 Pagan hit .288/.331/.440 with eight homers and 29 steals.  His career numbers are a bit lower than that, and his 2012 campaign has likely inflated his price tag.

One of the plusses of signing Pagan would be that he’d come much cheaper then guys like Michael Bourn, and Josh Hamilton. This would leave the Phillies with some spending money for their bullpen and a third baseman.  The market for a third basemen is very, very thin, but there are plenty of  premiere relievers out there.

I honestly don’t think that Pagan is much better then Shane Victorino, but Shane’s 2012 season was not very good, and I don’t see the Phillies calling about Shane unless he dwindles on the market for another month or so.  If The Phillies made a move for a big time left or right fielder, then I could see Shane coming back to play center mainly for his defense, but that’s a really big if.

I still think that the price tag of Michael Bourn is too high, and that’s why the Nationals and Braves went elsewhere, and I know that Josh Hamilton would excite everyone, but this team already has a large collection of players making over $2oMM a season (Halladay, Lee, Howard, Hamels) and with all his baggage would it really be smart to have $100MM committed to just five players?

Pagan may just be the best choice available.  If the Phillies can get him for 3 years, then I’d be satisfied, although he’s not really much of an upgrade over what we had in Victorino last year.  The Giants are probably his #1 choice, as he just won a World Series with them, so three years probably won’t do it.

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Melky Suspension May Disrupt Phillies

15 Aug

Like it or not, the suspension of Melky Cabrera is going to have an impact on the Phillies offseason plans.

Cabrera was suspended for 50 games for violating Major League Baseball’s drug policy, as he tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone. Cabrera had denied reports of the test for a number of weeks after rumors swirled of the test around the time of the All-Star game.

Cabrera was the All-Star Game MVP, and was leading the league in runs, and hits.

The Phillies toyed with the idea of trying to trade for Melky last season before making their move for Hunter Pence, and given their need for a center fielder next season, would likely have considered trying to sign him as a free agent this fall.

They still could.

For Cabrera it was a mistake that will cost him millions, as he was likely in line to entertain offers above $75MM for his services going forward.  He was going to be one of the three most sought after outfielders this fall with Michael Bourn, and Shane Victorino. All along I was kinda hoping that Bourn would be our number one target, but with this suspension to Cabrera it may actually increase Bourn’s price.

With Bourn’s price already looking to be sky high, and Melky’s suspension makes the market for a premiere outfielder a little bit thinner.  At the same time it’s possible that a team might get a huge discount if a team decides to grab Cabrera in free agency, but of course there is plenty of risk there, since you really don’t know what you’re going to get.

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Two Games-Three Ejections-Two Losses Part I

25 Aug

_aug241.jpgMonday’s game against the Huston Astros was a little easier to take then Tuesday, but there were a few moments that made the loss so painful.  The run support is becoming far and few again.  How is it that the most potent offense in the Majors can have such collective dry spells?

Well it wouldn’t hurt if they weren’t all swinging for the fences.  How many fly outs have I seen in the last few nights?  A LOT!

The return of Brett Myers.  I don’t really care too much about this.  As a player I liked what Myers did at times.  I won’t forget him closing out the season on the last day in 2007 to win the division, or his famous at-bat against C.C. Sabathia in the 2008 NLDS that lead to Victorino’s grand slam.  Other then all that I just remember when he was arrested for punching his wife.  He’s a scumbag that is of course having a career year AFTER he leaves Philly.  He’s finally using his other pitches instead of trying to blow everybody away.  

myers.JPGI had read some stories about what Jayson Werth said helped cause his base running blunder on Monday, then I saw the video.  Werth had claimed that Brett Myers stuck his tongue out ala Gene Simmons from KISS.  I thought that this was total crap, but then saw the video.  As you saw Werth was thrown out while an intentional walk was being thrown.  Werth and Myers exchanged some text messages with Brett and thanked him for distracting him.  Really funny guys, but Werth has one job out there, and it’s to stay in the game!  Sure when I saw the shot of Myers wiggling his tongue it was pretty funny, but there is nothing funny about losing to the stinking Astros. 

Charlie Manual gets ejected for arguing a call that he had once argued with the same umpire before, only he was on different sides each time but lost both arguments.  Both lead to ejections.  This “Establishing a baseline” thing it dumb.  If you go out too far you should just be out.  It’s just like racing to the bag, if they beat you there, you’re out.  Although Howard claims he tagged Michael Bourn, it was really hard to tell.  This stupid play lead to the winning run for the Astros.  I’m not a total fan of instant replay or anything like that, but I think firming up some of these rules would be great.  Victorino said enough by not commenting on this one.

Phils lose to Myers and a bunch of chumps.

Alrighty… I gotta run.  Part II later tonight.

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