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Hamels Signs Six-Year $144 Million Deal

25 Jul

Multiple sources have confirmed that the Phillies will announce that Cole Hamels has agreed in principal to a six-year, $144 million dollar deal.  A deal that will make Hamels the richest player in team history.

Hamels’ deal includes an option for a seventh year,according to MLBTR’s Tim Dierkes. It’s a club option at $20MM or a vesting option at $24MM. The option vests if three conditions are met: Hamels is not on the disabled list with a left shoulder or elbow injury at the end of the 2018 season, and he pitches 200 innings in 2018, and he pitches 400 innings in 2017-2018 combined.

Hamels’ extension will be the second-largest contract ever for a pitcher, trailing only C.C. Sabathia‘s seven-year, $161MM agreement with the Yankees. Hamels obtains the largest extension for any pitcher in history, surpassing Johan Santana‘s $137.5MM deal with the Mets. Hamels obtains the same AAV as teammate Cliff Lee, who signed a five-year, $120MM contract with Philadelphia two offseason ago.

If the club exercises its option, Hamels will earn $158MM over seven years. If the option vests, he’ll earn $162MM over seven years ($1MM more than Sabathia).

This deal keeps Hamels under Phillies control until he’s 34.

In total, the Phillies are committed to $133 million in 2013 payroll for only nine players. That does not include a $5 million team option for catcher Carlos Ruiz which will surely be exercised, and a possible $15 million payment through arbitration for outfielder Hunter Pence.

You have to give it to the Phillies, they have done some crazy things in years past, but their commitment to their fans, and winning are really something special.

Sorry Texas, Hamels is a Phillie.

The Phillies will announce the deal today, during a Noon press conference.

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Victorino: “I Want to Be Here.”

28 Feb

Photo: Getty Images

There has been little talk about Shane Victorino‘s contract status with all of the hype surrounding Cole Hamels’ impending free agency, but not a whole lot has been said about what’s going to happen with Victorino.

Just thought that you might like to see an exerpt from Jayson Stark’s latest piece on ESPN.com that contains a tibit on Shane…

Cole Hamels isn’t the only household name in Philadelphia who’s a year away from free agency. Let’s not forget Shane Victorino. According to FanGraphs, only one center fielder in the National League was worth more wins above replacement than Victorino (5.9) last season: Matt Kemp (8.7).

So Victorino could find a healthy market next offseason if he makes it to free agency. But will he? After arriving in camp last week, he told MLB.com’s Todd Zolecki: “I don’t plan on going anywhere.”

I envisioned his agents, Seth and Sam Levinson, heading straight for the emergency room the second they read that quote. So I asked Victorino if he meant that quote the way it sounded. Was it so important to him to remain a Phillie that he’d stay at just about any price?

“What that statement was saying,” he said, “was that I’m willing to give up free agency. A lot of guys won’t. In the game of baseball, free agency is what every major league player dreams of. You want to maximize your value, and of course I do, too. But what’s important to me is, I want to be here. I love playing here. My family loves the city. I love the city. So when I made that statement, that’s what I meant.”

Has an impending free agent ever let a club know he’d take a hometown discount more clearly than that? Next thing you know, he’ll rent a billboard.

Ok… Wow. I’m sure people are going to start talking about this one today.

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Cole Made a Funny

24 Feb

Ok this was hilarious…

Phillies left-hander Cole Hamels ruled out the possibility of signing in his hometown of San Diego, asking Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com “why would I want to go where fans only support you from the third inning through the sixth?” (Twitter link). Hamels will hit free agency after the season if the Phillies don’t sign him to an extension.



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For Hire – Roy Oswalt

23 Feb

Photo: Pool/Getty Images

Unless something arises, Roy Oswalt has decided to wait on signing with a team, and plans to stay in shape and offer his pitching services to a team midseason. Ala Roger Clemens, and Pedro in 2009, Roy would be willing to come to a team (likely a contender only) and pitch in the stretch run.

Oswalt was interested in coming back to Philadelphia, but the Phillies wanted to go in a different direction.

It was rumored that Oswalt only wanted to pitch for a contender, and that he was looking for something in the $8-10MM range.  There were also reports that Oswalt was very particular about where he would and wouldn’t pitch, which may be part of the reason that he’s in the spot where he is… Although I think that’s kind of what he wanted. But let’s be honest, Roy has a few health concerns and I don’t blame teams for thinking that his asking price is a little steep.  Not to mention that the final few months of 2011 were not very good for Oswalt.

To be honest I think this is the best thing for Roy.  It’s pretty obvious that he’s had his share of health issues, and the grind of a full season may not be the best thing for him.  I also think that last season showed that he may not be entirely committed to baseball anymore.  It seems to me that Oswalt wants to spend more time with his family, which is understandable, and that a full season of baseball does not leave much time for that.  He came across as fairly tormented throughout last season, and hinted that he had been considering retirement, so I don’t really know.

Do I think that Oswalt is a fit in Philadelphia?  No, not really.  Say one of our pitchers went down… I think it’s safe to say Ruben has his number.

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Hollywood Comes to Clearwater

22 Feb

Photo: Miles Kennedy/Phillies - Hollywood arrives.

With all of the contract hype circling around Cole Hamels and finding a way to extend the lefty, it’s easy to forget that another all-star is coming to the end of his deal with the Phillies.  Shane Victorino will be able to become a free-agent at the end of this season.

But is he going to let that bother him?

“I don’t plan on going anywhere else,” he said.

“I never put a time frame on anything, but I just want to stay focused on playing the season out and seeing what happens,” he said. “We’ll go from there. But I don’t think you should put a time frame on it. But is it going to be a distraction if you’re talking about it during the year? Yeah, I think sometimes it does.”

The night after his cameo appearance on ABC’s Hawaii Five -0, Victorino, who had the red carpet rolled out for his arrival to camp, is focused on winning a title, and will “stay focused.”

“You definitely think about it, but you’ve just got to stay focused on what’s ahead of you,” Victorino said. “It’s a big year for all of us, not just because of free agency. Getting back to where we need to be is very important. There are a lot of expectations. I don’t want to use the word disappointment, but last year ended so quick. We want to keep this team as long as we can, but there’s a certain point when all that stuff starts coming into play.”

Spoken like a champ.

Will the Phillies be able to re-sign Victornio?  Probably, but so far there have been no talks of a deal, or extension.  Of all of the position players the Phillies have he is pretty much the closest to being in his prime years, despite being 31, and you can’t deny what an plus he has been to the team in last few seasons. It will take a little bit of work, but this deal should hopefully get done… Time will tell.

Victorino has been an All-Star twice, and has won two Gold Gloves.

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Hamels Makes It Clear – He Wants To Stay

21 Feb

Photo: Miles Kennedy/Phillies

Cole Hamels spoke with a small collection of reporters after his workout on Tuesday where he addressed a few questions reguarding his contract status with the Phillies.  He answered a bunch of tough questions, but gave really great answers.  If you’re a Phillies fan, than you’re gonna like a lot of what he said.

“I was very fortunate enough to be drafted to an organization that is trying to win and obviously has won,” Hamels said. “Every day, every year, we seem to get some top players. So that kind of shows the value and the direction the team wants to go. I’ve just been very fortunate to be a part of it. And it’s also something where I don’t know any better.

“I live in Philadelphia. I’ve been here for I guess 10 years now, so that’s been something that’s been kind of nice, kind of something I’ve been focused on. It’s a great organization to play for and I’d love to be a part of it.”

What will make the negotiations with the Phillies pretty difficult is that they already have both Roy Halladay, and Cliff Lee under contract for VERY big money.  It’s very possible that given his age, and talent that Hamels himself is inline for a similar deal, and should he reach the open market, he would likely be the most sought after free-agent next fall.  But he doesn’t necessarly want to be compared to his teammates.

“Those are two guys (Halladay, and Lee) that are two of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball and (have been) for a substantial amount of years,” Hamels said. “I’ve been able to get stronger and a lot more intelligent baseball-wise. It’s just taking the next step to do what those two have done, which is to go out there and repeat, have successful years and stay healthy. That’s ultimately the big picture, to stay healthy, go out, play and help your team. That’s kind of where I’m at right now, to go out there and do it. And if I’m able to do it then things will obviously take care of itself.”

Read more here… 

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Kendrick Gets A Well Deserved Extension

20 Feb
Phils/Kendrick sign two-year, $7.5 million pact


Yeah, I know this is yesterday’s news, but I guess I just wanted to touch on it for a second.

I don’t get why people are so down on this extension for Kyle Kendrick.  Kyle’s versatility really has been pretty invaluable to the Phillies over the last two seasons.  Last season Kendrick went 8-6 with a 3.22 ERA in 34 games, 15 of which were starts.  His versatility makes him well worth the investment.  He’s not Roy Halladay, and he’s not Cliff Lee, but he’s a pretty solid number 5 and long-man.  He can fill just about any pitching role that’s needed on any night.

Kyle has really come a long way as a pitcher.  Ever since the Phillies acquired Roy Halladay, Kyle has done his best to emulate Roy, and learn from him.  He’s added more pitches to his repertoire after being criticized for being a one-pitch pitcher, and not only that he changed his workouts and methods of preparation that have made him stronger.

Not every pitcher on our staff is going to be a $20 Million superstar.  This contract is totally in line with what he brings to the table.  He was going to be eligible for arbitration next season as well, and this was a smart move to keep him happy, and it may actually save the club some money in the long run.  All I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t be down on Kyle Kendrick when you consider what he brings to the table.

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