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Chase Utley Could Return by Wednesday

24 Jun

If everything goes well the Phillies might just have Chase Utley in their lineup as early as this Wednesday. According to Jim Salisbury of CSNPhilly.com, the Phillies have hope that Utley back soon. Very soon.

Utley played eight innings at second base for Single-A Clearwater on Saturday night, reporting no issues with his knee. The plan now for Utley is to head to Triple-A Lehigh Valley, most likely Tuesday, and join the IronPigs as a starter and play 9 innings at second. Barring any setbacks Chase would be cleared to head to Philadelphia and rejoin the Phillies for the first time since last year.

In nine games with the Threshers, Utley went 5 for 32 (.156) with a homer and five RBIs.

He may not be blowing the cover it right now, but he’s going to be an upgrade over Michael Martinez.

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Mike Schmidt Takes on New Role in Phillies Camp

27 Feb

Photo: Miles Kennedy/Phillies

Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt is a regular every season at the Phillies Spring Training camp in Clearwater Florida, but usually spends just a week or two with the club.  This season Schmidt has agreed to stay and spend more time with the club at the request of Charlie Manuel and the Phillies, saying that he may hang around until about the middle of March.  I can’t think of anyone better then the best position player ever to come out of the Phillies organization.

In the past Schmidt has spent his time floating around and working with hitters in a minimal role, but this season plans to get involved in a more one-on-one basis with the players, and talk more about hitting, and what goes along with that.

“There will be times when I chat with guys about mechanics, but for the most part, the additions I’m going to offer this year are in-game strategies like, ‘Let’s be more aggressive in fastball counts, let’s be tougher to strike out, let’s figure out a way to give up fewer at-bats,'” Schmidt said. “A guy like me is only good if there are ears that want to listen. I never said I’m the end-all when it comes to that, but I’m a sounding board for guys, and I enjoy it.”

There were plenty of outcries this offseason for the Phillies to add to their offense, and they did that in a way.  They added some better bats to their bench in Jim Thome, Laynce Nix, and Ty Wigginton, but other then that the names are pretty familiar.  What Schmidt wants to do, with reinforcment from Thome, is get the hitters to reconsider their approach to everything.

“Can you change a guy’s approach? Yeah, you can get a guy to think about his role and profession. You can get him to think about being great at it and get him to understand it takes applying your mind more to your craft. You can get a guy to change the way he goes about his pre-game work.”

“You can get a guy to think more about his craft,” Schmidt said. “You need to come to the park and be darn sure you know who’s pitching tonight for starters, and I’ve heard stories that there have been occasions where guys might come and ask the hitting coach who’s pitching tonight.  I can’t even fathom that… It takes applying your mind more to your craft.”

Schmidt also said that he thinks he knows how Ryan Howard feels about being “That guy.”

“I’ve been in his shoes,” Schmidt said.  “He and I were the clean-up hitters, and the guy expected to come through, and the guy making the most money.  We probably get the most opportunities to make things happen, so we probably fail more then anybody, so the focus is probably on us.”

Schmidt isn’t trying to call anyone out, but he feels that this collection of guys has more then enough pop to get into the Postseason, and go all the way.  It’s just a matter of having the right mental approach, physical ability, and a little bit of luck.

It’ll be nice having two Hall of Famers in Schmidt, and Ryne Sandberg in camp for an extended period of time.

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Luck of the Irish Eludes Lee

20 Mar

PhotobucketSt. Patrick didn’t share any of his luck with Cliff Lee on Thursday at Brighthouse Field when the Phillies faced off with the Toronto Blue Jays.  With two weeks to go it wasn’t the kind of tuneup that Lee was looking for. 

Cliff came out strong in the first inning striking out two and retiring one with a pop-up,  but things came apart later when Lee gave up home runs to Juan Rivera and Edwin Encarnacion in a five-run fourth inning.

Lee had only allowed one baserunner to reach second base in the first
three innings. Lee allowed five runs — three earned — and seven hits in
four innings. He has allowed six runs earned runs in his last two

Check out my St. Patty’s Day post, because it was a fun day at Brighthouse.


Last Few Days in Clearwater

19 Mar

IMG_2481.JPGIt’s really been a wild trip down here so far this season.  I’m really a luck boy to have my family that lives in Tampa.  It’s always a blast to visit them, but kinda exhausting, too.  They’re way more exciting then I am.  That’s for sure.

I’ve really had little time to be in front of the computer over the last few day, and this is kinda gonna be on the brief side as well. I just wanted to quickly say thank you to all the fans that i got to talk to down here and especially the ones that let me take their picture.  I posted a few links on my Facebook to my Photobucket with PhilaPhans so you can see what I saw these last few days.

Quick impressions-

The Starters – They looked pretty rough.  Lee and Hamels got touched up pretty good, but Oswalt looked pretty good.   Lee started out great but had a pretty tough 4th and got bounced from the game.  Hamels had a tough first inning on Saturday, and only went 3.2 innings.

The Pen- I gotta tell you I like what I have seen from the relievers this spring, including Danys Baez who pitched well again today. 

The Offense – Not to shabby.  It takes the hitters a little longer to come around compared to the pitchers in the spring, so I’m not surprised that the Phillies have struggled a little.  If we can just get these guys to put up about 4 runs a game I think we should be pretty solid.

I’ll give you all a better prospective when I get back to PA and have a little more time to dive into everything I got to see from our club down in Florida.

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A Blog Tournament?

16 Mar

photo(1).JPGSo apparently there is a Phillies Blog Tournament? I didn’t even know about this until last night, but someone has created a bracket style (think NCAA) competition for 64 different Phillies blogs.  The voting for the Round 1 ends today at 5 PM.  I’d love it if you could throw me a little love and vote for my blog! All you have to do is send an email with the name of my blog to ThePhield@gmai.com  Thanks!

I’ll be back in Clearwater tomorrow, and I’ll try to post as regularly as possible.  Have a great day!

Lidge- “Fans should be pumped up. I know I am.”

15 Feb

lidge.jpgLet’s not forget that besides the starting pitchers we have a bullpen, too.  I was excited to hear that Brad Lidge
is feeling strong.  He admitted that his past two off seasons were a
struggle and that coming into camp he’s feeling better then he has in a
few years.  He also has some high expectations for this season.

“I’ve never seen anything like the rotation we’re going to have and
that’s exciting,” Lidge said on Sunday.
“For the guys in here, we all feel like we need to win the World Series
this year. Anything short of that, it could still be considered a good
season if we get to the World Series or if we get deep, but it’s not
going to be what we wanted. We want to win the whole thing this year.”

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Day 1 in Clearwater (With Pictures!)

13 Feb

Thumbnail image for photo 3(4).JPGphoto 5.JPGphoto 1(5).JPGphoto 1(4).JPGphoto 5(2).JPGphoto 4(4).JPGThumbnail image for photo 3(5).JPGThumbnail image for photo 2(5).JPGThumbnail image for photo 4(3).JPGI scoured the internet and pulled together a bunch of pictures just for you.  Loving the smiles on Cliff Lee’s face, and really loving the one of Ryan Madson
in the Lidge t-shirt.  the pitchers were not supposed to throw today
but apparently they were just so excited to get started that a few games
of catch took place before lunch.

Kinda looks to me like Joe Blanton
has lost a little weight.  Hopefully all this talk of the Four Aces
hasn’t brought depression and anorexia.  Seriously though, it’s nice to
see him showing up looking more fit.  There is a little bit of news
regarding Joe.  Rich Dubee told the media today that there isn’t
going to be a competition for the fifth starters spot.  The job is Joe

So what does that news mean to the rest of the pitchers?  This means that Kyle Kendrick is a sure thing for the
bullpen.  Dubee also said that as exciting as the Phillies starting
rotation is not to get too caught up in all the hype because the Phils
need to play 162 games. 

While we’re on the subject of the bullpen let’s say a few words about Chad Durbin.  I barked at a fellow blogger to day John Shields from The State of the Phillies because I know he’s sad that Chad wasn’t resigned.  Hopefully he’s still speaking to me…. But let’s be honest.  There are a bunch of arms that need to be tested in our farm system.  We can’t keep this team young, and frankly we can’t afford to keep resigning all these players. Give Justin De Fratus, Scott Mathison, and the boys a chance to impress.   

Ruben Amaro Jr. told the media that Antonio Bastardo is a little bit behind because he suffered a minor injury while playing in the Dominican Winter Leagues. 

Normally I don’t go crazy with pictures like this but I know that everyone is just really hyped to see these guys tossing. 

Photo Credit to Philly.com and The Crossing Board. 

Enjoy the pictures…  Especially those ones of Cliff because he sure does look happy…. but probably not as happy as us!

OH! I almost forgot… Not that you would have thought anything different, but Roy Halladay will be our Opening Day starter. 

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