Impressive Sellout Streak Ends

6 Aug

The Phillies have nobody to thank for their successes, but you, the fans.

After 257 straight regular-season sellouts, the streak ends.  Monday night’s loss to the Braves was taken in by just 41,665, and was the smallest since July 6, 2009.  The Phillies have said that they drew a total of 11,585,952 during the 257 sellout streak. They are still first in the Majors in attendance this season.

“The number of sellouts could not have been possible without the tremendous loyalty of our fans who continue to lead all of Major League Baseball in average attendance this year,” Phillies president David Montgomery said in a statement.

The Phillies sellout streak was the longest in National League history, and the third longest in Major League history.The only two that were longer are The Boston Red Sox current sellout streak of 772 games going, and the Cleveland Indians had 455 consecutive sellouts from 1995 through 2001.

As the team started to dwindle, so did the crowds, and it was just a matter of time.  The empty patches of seats were starting to become noticeable over the last few weeks, but still sellouts were being recorded because of a large amount of pre-sales.  It’s fairly likely that the Phillies will have a collection of sellouts still before the season ends, but it’s going to take a better product on the field to get it motored up.

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