Trade Update: Joe Blanton

30 Jul

Update: 1:47 PM EST The Orioles are said to be lowering their demands. Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun says that the deal is “Gaining steam.”

Update: 12:53 PM EST Jayson Stark is reporting that the talks between the Orioles and the Phillies are on “life support.”  Teams are very far apart still. 

Update 11:53 AM EST According to Brittany Ghiroli of The Orioles are said to be looking around other places for pitching help, but can’t seem to meet the demands of other teams. Not sure exactly if this bodes well for the Phillies. 

Update: 10:55 AM EST Blanton is still on the Orioles radar.  Baltimore is reluctant to pick up any of the roughly $3MM still owed to Joe this season.  

The Phillies may have found a suitor for Joe Blanton.

After years of being involved in trade rumors, and being the outcast pitcher among aces, Joe Blanton appears to finally be on the move.

The Cardinals and Blue Jays have also expressed interest in Big Joe, but it looks like Baltimore has what the Phillies are looking for.

The Phillies are interested in Orioles AA prospect Jonathan Schoop.  Schoop is the #82 Prospect in Baseball America’s Top 100, and the Orioles third best prospect, however Baltimore is reluctant to give up Schoop, and right now that and the money is what’s holding things up.  Baltimore is not interested in taking on any of the $3.02MM that Blanton is still owed, and Philadelphia is OK paying most of it, but they want prospects in return if they’re going to pay.  This isn’t an all out salary dump.

Since there are other teams in the mix the Phillies can haggle all the way up to 4 PM EST tomorrow.

The Phillies have sent Blanton’s medical records to the Orioles, which shows that Baltimore is pretty serious.

I think this one is gonna happen.

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