Trade Update: Hunter Pence

30 Jul

Update: 12:16 PM EST Now that Victorino has moved to the Dodgers the Hunter Pence talks are heating up according to Jim Salisbury of CSNPhilly.  Jon Heyman of CBSSports says that the Giants are closing in on Pence. 

There have been some rumblings of talks between the Giants and the Phillies about Hunter Pence, and Jerry Crasnick of ESPN says that Giants are only discussing one Phillies outfielder, and it’s Pence. They apparently are not in on Victorino.  That’s as of 10:45 EST.

I guess it’s kinda surprising, but some teams just don’t like rentals.

Being able to have control over Pence in 2013 is probably important to the Giants, however Pence will likely get somewhere north of $14MM after he goes to arbitration. That might make things difficult for them since they don’t know what they’re going to do with Tim Lincecum and they have a bunch of arbitration eligible players like Buster Posey, and Brian Wilson.  Not to mention that they might want to try and lock up Melky Cabrera, who is having another amazing season.

This might be one to watch.

The Giants have a collection of interesting prospects for the Phillies to consider, and unlike the Blanton talks, with Pence the Phillies are looking for a SERIOUS haul.  Centerfileder Gary Brown, Shortstop Joe Panik, and catcher Hector Sanchez are all ones to think about.

Gary Brown is probably the centerpiece of this deal since the Phillies have no idea what’s going on with prospect Tyson Gillies, and all his off the field troubles. has similar thoughts.

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