Phillies Preparing to Sell Hard

29 Jul

Victorino slides in safe, but is likely out as a member of the Phillies.

The Phillies needing a great weekend series against the Braves to have any hope of keeping their team together….

It was far from great.

After being swept in Atlanta, the Phillies will likely prepare to dismantle a their team before the 4Pm deadline on Tuesday.

At the top of that list is Shane Victorino.  Vic has drawn interest from Giants, Pirates, Reds and Dodgers, who all need more speed at the top of their lineup.  If Shane has indeed played his last game as a Phillie, he had a good one, crushing his 88th homer as a Phillie and had two other hits and two runs scored.  Shane was instrumental in the successes of the Phillies from 2007-2012, but there just isn’t room for a salary of his kind going into the future.

Multiple teams have inquired about Juan Pierre, and both the Orioles and Cardinals are potential destinations for Joe Blanton according to Jim Salisbury of He also says that Hunter Pence could be moved if GM Ruben Amaro Jr. is blown away by an offer, and speculates that Ty Wigginton would fit on several teams looking for bench help.

I still think yesterday’s pitching performance bodes well for Joe Blanton.  As you probably remember the Phillies acquired Joe from the A’s in 2008 and he was instrumental in their championship run.  He would certainly help solidify a contenders starting rotation, and in his last three starts has proven to be as durable and reliable as ever.  Joe allowed just four hits and two runs over seven innings. He walked just one and struck out seven.

The Phillies are very likely to keep Cliff Lee for now, although he could be shopped this offseason in an attempt to fill multiple holes, and lower the Phillies overall salary.  With a bit of uncertinty surrounding Roy Halladay, and his less then “Halladay Like” performances, Lee might just be worth holding onto through 2013.

To that extent, Charlie Manual might even consider shutting Roy Halladay down for the remainder of 2012 if things don’t change.

In no way are any of the moves the Phillies are making about dumping salary.  Money is not the issue, prospects and 2013 are. The Phillies need to get better, and it starts in the bullpen.

Ruben Amaro Jr. has really dazzled us the last few years with the players he has acquired, now we’ll see what he can do when he’s got players to sell.

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