Rockies Escape Phils Sweep

22 Jun

Photo: AP

Things looked pretty good for the Phillies chances at a sweep of Colorado.   Jeff Francis on the mound, and the whole 75 pitch count dilemma that faces the Rockies and their starting staff of four.

Sadly it just wasn’t meant to be.

Other then a lead off home run from Jimmy Rollins (the 39th of his career), the Phillies offense couldn’t come through, though they had their chances.

John Mayberry led off the second with a double, and Ty Wigginton led off the eighth with a double, but the Phils couldn’t figure out a way to get either of them home.

Vance Worley went seven innings, allowing two runs on four hits, while striking out two.

Colorado’s Chris Nelson hit a two-run homer in the 7th inning off Worley denying the Phils the sweep.

This team is starting to fade.

Can the Phils to get to 88 wins? They’d have to go 55-36 the rest of way. That would be a .604 run.  Possible? eh…

The Phillies really need to get their act together to make that happen.

The Phillies will welcome the Tampa Bay Rays for a three-game series this weekend.

Friday: James Sheilds 7-4, 3.72 ERA vs.  Cliff Lee 0-3, 3.48 ERA

Saturday: Alex Cobb 3-3, 3.82 ERA vs. Kyle Kendrick 2-7, 5.29 ERA

Sunday: David Price 9-4, 3.08 ERA vs. Cole Hamels 10-3, 3.25 ERA

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One Response to “Rockies Escape Phils Sweep”

  1. mlblogsbarbward June 22, 2012 at 8:16 am #

    It really frustrates and stumps the heck out of me when the offense just goes stone cold like last night. I don’t get it. What’s it going to take? I can’t figure it out. Still a fan though. At least I have a chance to get a good seat now at CBP.

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