Halladay’s Velocity Down “A Tic”

17 Apr

Photo: MLB.com

There was a little bit of chatter on the old internet last night about the velocity of Roy Halladay, and after the Phillies 5-2 win over the San Francisco Giants, Halladay addressed it.

“I’ll go back and check the gun readings later,” Halladay said. “As long as I can focus on mechanics and repeating, that’s more important for me right now. Being able to repeat consistently, if I can do that, I’m going to be fine. I don’t necessarily need the extra one or two miles per hour if I’m doing the other things right.”

Halladay is still pitching great. His ERA is lower (1.17 vs  last year’s 1.23 ERA), but he has far few punch outs (22 vs 14 this year).  But to answer the question of whether his velocity is down… Yes.  It is, but not by much. 1 MPH.

Let’s face a few facts here though.  Roy is a year older, and at 34 he’s still pitching remarkably well, but likely it’s just taking him a bit longer to get his arm strength back.  But the success of Roy Halladay appears to have little to do with velocity.  It’s more about locating his pitches, and knowing the hitters he’s facing.  Something that he does far better then anyone else.

You can’t really argue with 3-0, and a 1.17 ERA.

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