It’s Tough Getting Started

11 Apr

Boy, it’s been tough getting things going this season.  Like the Phillies, I’ve been dragging my feet on the start of the season, but here I am in front of the computer once again with some motivation, so let’s get to it.

Alright, the 6-2 loss was a litte difficult to watch on Monday.  I was at the game, and I’ll have to say when you factor the weather, and play of the Phillies it may have been one of the worst games I’ve been to.  Considering the last (Home) game I was at was Game 2 of the 2011 NLDS, I think that may be saying something.

Wednesday won’t be any easier with Josh Johnson on the hill for the Marlins.  Sure the Phillies are countering with Roy Halladay, but Johnson is no slouch, and he wasn’t so great on Opening Night for the Marlins, so I’m certain he’s looking to rebound in a big way.

There is plenty of doom and gloom surrounding this season.  I don’t know if it’s necessarily panic time yet, but I’m a little worried.  This team looks like it still needs time to gel.  We have a collection of guys that are not used to doing what they normally do, and they are hitting in spots they don’t normally hit.  That being said these new roles will take a bit of adjustment.  Also, this lineup is weaker then it ever has been.  Without the power threats of Ryan Howard, and Chase Utley interjected in the lineup opposing pitchers are able to choose their battles, and don’t have to pitch to Jimmy, Shane, and Hunter like they normally would.  These guys are not going to get nearly as many good pitches to hit as they would with Howard, and Utley in the lineup.

Makes me wish we had gotten Michael Cuddyer…

One thing is for sure, we’re not going to be able to count on the starters to throw a shutout each game. I know that I was immediately concerned after the Marlins took a 1-0 lead in the top of the first on Monday, because I didn’t know if the Phillies would be able to bounce back.  They didn’t, and really never had any good chances.

I think we  know why the 2010 Giants called their season “Torture.”

2011 was probably the year for the Phillies.  They were able to basically cruise to the finish line (I mean they basically mailed it in the last two weeks) and they still managed to set a franchise record for wins in the regular season.  Right now I still think Charlie is trying to find out what works.  So far in the four games we have had, he’s had four different guys play first base.

Look, I think that the Phillies should have left Pittsburgh with a sweep, but a few errors cost them on Saturday, and Sunday and that’s something that needs to be addressed.  If you play clean baseball, without errors, you’re going to significantly increase your chances of winning ball games.  Is that possible when guys are playing different postions each game, I really don’t know.  If you’re reading this for answers, then I have to tell you, you’re in the wrong place.

I think that this team just needs more time, and one good breakout game to loosen things up a bit.  Jumping on top of a pitcher like Johnson tonight would be a pretty good time to start, but I’m not so sure that’s in the cards.

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