For Hire – Roy Oswalt

23 Feb

Photo: Pool/Getty Images

Unless something arises, Roy Oswalt has decided to wait on signing with a team, and plans to stay in shape and offer his pitching services to a team midseason. Ala Roger Clemens, and Pedro in 2009, Roy would be willing to come to a team (likely a contender only) and pitch in the stretch run.

Oswalt was interested in coming back to Philadelphia, but the Phillies wanted to go in a different direction.

It was rumored that Oswalt only wanted to pitch for a contender, and that he was looking for something in the $8-10MM range.  There were also reports that Oswalt was very particular about where he would and wouldn’t pitch, which may be part of the reason that he’s in the spot where he is… Although I think that’s kind of what he wanted. But let’s be honest, Roy has a few health concerns and I don’t blame teams for thinking that his asking price is a little steep.  Not to mention that the final few months of 2011 were not very good for Oswalt.

To be honest I think this is the best thing for Roy.  It’s pretty obvious that he’s had his share of health issues, and the grind of a full season may not be the best thing for him.  I also think that last season showed that he may not be entirely committed to baseball anymore.  It seems to me that Oswalt wants to spend more time with his family, which is understandable, and that a full season of baseball does not leave much time for that.  He came across as fairly tormented throughout last season, and hinted that he had been considering retirement, so I don’t really know.

Do I think that Oswalt is a fit in Philadelphia?  No, not really.  Say one of our pitchers went down… I think it’s safe to say Ruben has his number.

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