Phils Take Game One

2 Oct

So far the NLCS belongs to the Phillies, who blasted the St. Louis Cardinals 11-6 on Saturday night in game one of the best-of-five contest.

Roy Halladay hit a little bump in the road named Lance Berkman in the first inning, but after that settled in nicely and cruised through the next seven innings before turning the game over to the bullpen.  Though Berkman’s homer was a big one Halladay only allowed just three hits in his eight innings of work.  Berkman’s homer got to him, and Roy put it into overdrive.

“He was kind of like a Rocky movie,” Charlie Manuel said. “He got mad after he gave up the homer. That ticked him off and he hung in there and kept going. But he’s special. He’s everything that people talk about.”

Roy put up enough zeros for the Phillies offense to stage a comeback.  And that they did.

As many people remember, the 2010 Postseason ended with Ryan Howard standing at the plate with the bat on his shoulder.  2011’s Postseason run started differently for the big man when Howard blasted a monster 3-run homer off of Kyle Loshe in the bottom of the 6th to give the Phillies the lead. Two batters later Rual Ibanez sent one over the right field fence too, ending Loshe’s night.

The Phillies hitters 1 through six went 13-25, (.520 average) scoring 11 runs.  With that kind of production you have to like our pitchers chances in any match up.

Game Two is tonight with Cliff Lee going against Chris Carpenter. See you there.


One Response to “Phils Take Game One”

  1. mlblogsbarbward October 2, 2011 at 8:28 am #

    Looks like the Cards mode of operation is to get to the pitchers early and watching Birkman hit the homer was painful. I knew though that Halladay would settle down, find his pitch location and mow them down. The offense hung in there, found their inning and proceeded to pounce on the Cards. What a great game! Our bullpen must remember to come out with their good stuff right from the very first pitch otherwise the Cards offense will take advantage… but great game nonetheless and so many great signs of the Phils domination of the post season 🙂

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