Hamels is Back…

29 Aug

 … and I’m back, too. Vacation was grand, but it’s back to the grind.

Rain, Rain… GO AWAY!

This was kind of an abbreviated week for the Phillies with all the weather issues and schedule changes.  It’s going to make for a hell of a final month as the Phillies step into the final stretch of the season with no more off days, and 33 games in 31 days.

In those 31 days the Phillies will start with Cincinnati who is in the middle of a 4-game win streak.   Later they move on to face the N.L. Central leading Brewers in Milwaukee where the Brewers are an astonishing 50-16 this season.

What the Phillies need to do to come out on top is to exploit the weaker teams they will face this month in the Astros (3 games), Mets (3 games), Nationals ( 3 games) and Marlins ( 6 games).  But their best bet will be to play their best baseball against the Atlanta Braves with who they have six more games with.  There is no better way to distance yourself from your competetition then to beat them in head to head play.

The Phillies will finally be back at it tonight with Cole Hamels coming off the disabled list and takes the hill in Cincinnati against Homer Baily (7-5, 4.44 ERA).

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