That Was Yesterday – Moving On…

13 Aug

Last night’s Phillies game is in the past, and I’d prefer that we keep it that way.  However, I would like to quickly touch on Cole Hamels, his start, and comments made by Charlie Manuel following the game.

Cole lasted just five innings against the Washington Nationals on Friday, due to what appears to be a little case of dead arm.  Hamels had no life on his fastball which usually hovers in the low to mid-90’s, so he threw mostly curve balls, and cutters.

His fastball last night averaged at 86 mph.

“It’s one of those times of the year,” Hamels said. “Travelling, pitching a lot of innings, things kind of mount and you just have to battle through it. … It just kind of comes up. You don’t ever know and you just try to do everything you can to get your body back and kind of waiting for your body to jump back, and I haven’t felt that yet. Once I start getting that jump, I think everything will smooth out.”

Hamels insisted that he doesn’t feel any pain, and that he’s not concerned.

Now I’m not trying to make something out of nothing, but for some reason Charlie Manual chose to say during his post game interview that Hamels had trouble getting loose, and that he had some shoulder stiffness.

Shoulder stiffness would be a really big flag of caution, so let’s hope that Hamels can bounce back.  We won’t really know much until he throws his next bullpen session, and makes his next start.

Dead arm basically arises from a pitcher throwing too many pitches without enough recovery time.  The term really just describes a period of time that a pitcher loses a little of the velocity of their fastball.  It’s something that every pitcher battles with at some point during the season, and it usually hangs around for more then one start.

Todd Zolecki notes that… [It appears Hamels has battled this for some time. The velocity on his fastball has dropped in each of his last five starts: 91.4 mph on July 22 vs. San Diego, 91.2 mph on July 27 vs. San Francisco, 90.7 mph on Aug. 1 at Colorado, 90.2 mph last Saturday at San Francisco and 88.6 mph on Friday vs. Washington.]

Roy Halladay also appears to be fighting  a little dead arm right now, as he did last August.

Like I said, caution flag, not red flag.


One Response to “That Was Yesterday – Moving On…”

  1. mlblogsbarbward August 13, 2011 at 2:10 pm #

    That’s why it’s so important that we have a pitcher like Kendrick that can fill in the gaps.

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