Phillies Trade Buzz 7/23

23 Jul

There was a little bit of chatter last night in the Twitter world surrounding the Phillies and Rays center fielder B.J. Upton.  

Upton was pulled from the Rays’ game last night and the Rays top prospect Desmond Jennings was a late scratch from his game in the minors. These events caused a bit of a frenzy on Twitter, but Joe Madden and the Rays that Jennings had played well enough to earn his place with the club.

As rumors usually do on Twitter, it exploded.  I’m not really sure how the Phillies got into the mix, but Upton could be a fit for the Phillies, so it makes sense.  The Phillies are looking for an outfielder with tools similar to what Upton has.

The Phillies had previously inquired about Upton, but had never been considered serious about him.  The Braves and Nationals however are. B.J. will likely have a price tag similar to that of Carlos Beltran, and Hunter Pence.

Speaking of Carlos Beltran… It’s rumored that the Mets are asking that Domonic Brown be included with any package that the Phillies put together for Beltran.  I don’t see that happening.


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