Phillies Trade Buzz 7/20

20 Jul

It appears that the Phillies are considered one of the front runners to acquire Carlos Beltran.  It’s been reported from multiple sources that the Phillies have been in contact with the Mets, but it’s unknown what exactly the Mets are looking for.

The Phillies have a pretty great farm system, but not a lot of Major League ready talent, which will make trading a little more difficult.  The Phillies have already dangled Jonathan Singleton, but Singleton is young, only 19, and isn’t going to be ready to play in the bigs for close to three years.  That’s a lot for a team to consider when trading a talented player now.

I’m concerned about we would do with Beltran because of his injury history.  We already have a high paid outfielder with a contract we regret, and I don’t really want another one.  I think that Carlos should be looking a contract after this season in the neighborhood of $15-17 million for two years.  I can’t see a team wanting to commit to more then that with his injury history.

The Phillies have also checked in again with the Astros regarding Hunter Pence, but looks like the Pirates are the front runners to land Pence.


2 Responses to “Phillies Trade Buzz 7/20”

  1. Michael Schaffer July 21, 2011 at 5:05 am #

    These trade rumors are getting very interesting. I’d love to see Bautista come to Philly. He could easily move to the outfield but I’m dreaming with that. Beltran is great when he’s healthy but not sure if we need another injury prone player we already have Lidge. Pence would be great or Willingham. Considering how Mayberry has been playing why not give him a chance. We’ve proven we can win without a right handed bat so maybe we can just stick with what we have. Hate to see another big name bust come to town. I could easily start that list we fans know all too well about big name guys who come here and do little to help. Frankly I’m not worried we have the best record and pitching staff in all of baseball.

    • Phanatic Addict July 22, 2011 at 9:59 pm #

      Joey bats isn’t available, if he was you would totally have heard about that one. They love him up there.

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