Potential Trade Targets

17 Jul

Besides Heath Bell, and Mike Adams who I discussed earlier today, I just wanted to touch on a few other players that the Phillies have been linked to.

Ryan Ludwick – Ludwick will be interesting to watch.  He is a righty which the Phillies like, but his splits  Sites have already been packaging him in trades with Bell, and Adams, but that might be over the Phillies heads.  He could be had on his own for a prospect at a high level.  Someone Major League ready. His splits against right handers are not that great (.224) this season compared to lefties (.274).  I’m not sure I would go that hard after a guy just cause he’s a righty if he can’t hit above .240.

Josh Willingham –All signs seem to be pointing to Willingham being traded.  The Braves have shown interest, and so have the Pirates and Phillies.  Josh isn’t an everyday player so he could be had for cheaply. Bob Brookover of the Inquirer seems to think Willingham could be had for a low to mid-level prospect.

Michael Cuddyer – It looks like for the time being that Michael Cuddyer is not going to be traded.  The Twins are now six games out and have not given up hope that they can make a come back after struggling a lot of the first half.  Cuddyer is a clubhouse leader for the Twins, and they insist that they would like to try to resign him at the end of the 2011 season.  It is possible that if they start to tank that things could change but for now it appears that Cuddyer is staying put in Minnesota.

Matt Kemp – Sure the Dodgers are broke, but there is no chance he is going to be dealt. People have asked me about him, and that is the only reason I even put his name on this list.

Hunter Pence – According to ESPN’s Buster Olney, Hunter Pence going to remain an Astro.  Hunter will likely stay in Houston unless the Astros are “overwhelmed,” according to Olney.  The Phillies have the prospects to do so, but Pence is a commodity, and the Phillies would have to compete with some other clubs that have interest.  It sounds to me like the price on Pence might be a little too high for the Phillies, but you never know. Pence is an everyday right fielder which we don’t exactly have, but Domonic Brown is the future in right, and I can’t see them putting him in left, but I have been wrong before.  He’s not a free agent until the 2014 season so there would be some work to be done.

Carlos Beltran – The Mets want cash, not players in return for Carlos.  That pretty much counts the Phillies out.  He’s a pretty highly sought after player right now that the Phillies won’t be able to touch.


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