Phillies Show Interest In Padres Reliever

17 Jul

This time, I’m not talking about Heath Bell.

The Phillies have checked in on Padres relief pitcher Mike Adams. He’s not exactly as much of a household name as Bell, but he’s a definatly a pitcher to consider.  The Phillies like Adams because he still has one year left of arbitration which means he would be under their control for more then just these last few months.

Adams is a legit bullpen piece, and would probably be the closer for the Padres if it were not for Heath Bell.  I don’t really think that Adams will com cheap though.  The Padres know that Adams, and Bell are in high demand, but they are starving for some offensive production so they will have to be dealt.

Adams has a 1.56 ERA in four seasons in the Majors. His fastball is in the mid 90’s and he has a good cutter and slider as well which make him effective against left and right handed batters (9.2 SO/9).

I found this Bud Black quote while pulling some stuff together on Adams.

“He’s got the fastball inside. He’s got the cutter/slider inside. And he commands the outside of the plate (against right-handed and left-handed batters). The command is good, the stuff is good and the head’s good”

Adams would make a great set-up man, or closer. I really do get the feeling that the Phillies are starting to get worried that they will not be able to resign Ryan Madson at the end of the season.


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