Cole Hamels Update

30 Jun

For now I think we can all sigh in relief, at least I think so.

Ruben Amaro Jr. was on 610 WIP tonight with Howard Eskin and Ike Reece, and said he is unsure is Cole will be able to make his next start. I can live with him just missing one.

If the Red Sox were going to beat the Phillies, this was the only way they were going to do it. Lefty Cole Hamels took a line drive off of his glove hand and had to exit the game after going just four innings. Cole had the glove on, and the drive actually knocked the glove off of his hand.

Adrian Gonzalez struck the ball pretty hard, so the Phillies are gave Hamels X-rays and they came back negative. Thankfully it wasn’t his pitching hand, but even still the Phillies have too many injured pitchers and can’t really afford to lose another one. Especially one as good as Cole Hamels.

Hamels is no listed as day-to-day, and is expected to make his next start.

Hamels had not given up a run before he had to exit, and was matching Lester pitch for pitch.

Check back here for constant updates as they come in throughout the day.


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