Hard Luck For Hamels

20 Jun

I’m trying not to get too hung up on the Phillies 2-0 loss on Sunday to the Seattle Mariners, but it sure was disappointing to watch this game after such a great win last night.

Apparently if you’re going to beat the Phillies, it isn’t going to be with a fastball.

The Mariners starter Jason Vargas held the Phillies to just three hits in a complete game shutout using an array of off speed pitches.  He threw his stuff well though, tossing 84 of his 119 pitches for strikes.  66 of them were off-speed.

Surprisingly though Ryan Howard accounted for two of those three hits.  Say what you will about Howard, but he’s currently averaging an RBI a game and he’s raised his batting average by almost 20 points in the last 10 games.

Hamels took it in stride.

“I feel like I did my job,” said Hamels, who scattered seven hits, walked none and struck out six over 6 1/3 innings. “I have to take it in stride. It’s not the World Series. If it was, people would want to scream, but I get to go out there again in five days. I’ll take all the positives from today and go from there.”

It’s tough to think that the Phillies flew all the way to Seattle to lose 2-3 to a team that’s barely .500.

Oh well.  We can’t think too hard about this one I suppose.  Monday is a travel day, and then the Phillies are going to face a St. Louis Cardinals team that looks to be playing without Albert Pujols, and who has lost seven of their last ten.

Oh yeah… And Roy Halladay is starting for the Phils.  Cool.


One Response to “Hard Luck For Hamels”

  1. mlblogsbarbward June 20, 2011 at 9:59 am #

    I tweeted this question this morning. Of course, I received no response but that’s not surprising. I have non-entity status there.( with the exception of @jwerthsbeard and effyeahjdub. They like me. We have some things in common..lol) How can one pitcher make Phillies offense impotent? I never understood that. It happens sometime with the myriad of pitchers that the Phils offense face. That was just about as frustrating a game to watch as all get out :p

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