Worley – Phils Face King Felix

18 Jun

If there was a way for Vance Worley to look at his match up tonight against the Mariners, it’s that he’s facing the Mariners and their .229 batting average, not King Felix.  Facing Felix is the job of the other eight guys in tonight’s lineup.

Felix Hernandez is 7-5, with a 3.30 ERA, but is totally beatable thanks to his lack of offensive support.  The Phillies were kept off the board for most of Friday night, but showed late in the game that they still had some life.  They got a late start on Friday.  Some of that may be attributed to their previous four game series, and travel, but starter Michael Pineda was very good, too.

They key to success for tonight is to find a way to scratch out a few funs off Felix, and to keep Ichiro Suzuki off base. Ichiro had three hits, and scored three of the Mariners four runs on Friday.  He’s plenty older and slower then he used to be but is still, very much a  play maker.

If the Phillies can do this, and Worley pitches like he can, this is a verywinnable game.


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