What’s Up With Jimmy?

8 Jun

So Jimmy has been sitting out since fouling a ball off his knee on Saturday in the first inning against Pittsburg.

X-Rays for Jimmy came back negative, but his MRI said otherwise.

Ruben Amaro Jr. said on that Jimmy’s MRI showed “pretty significant bone bruise.” Amaro hinted that the Phillies would know in about 48 hours what to do with Rollins.

Jimmy fired back by saying in an interview with the media on Tuesday that “If I was going on the DL it would purely be because they just made a bad decision.”

Pretty un-Jimmy-like.

Then in the bottom of the ninth on Tuesday with Wilson Valdez leading off Jimmy Rollins walked out to the on-deck circle. He flew out to right.

Its hard to understand what’s going on, but it seems that the team and the front office really aren’t on the same page right now.

Just a few weeks ago a similar thing happened with Shane Victoriono. After sitting out for a few games Shane came out to pinch hit and wound up on the DL the next day. With Jimmy hitting on Tuesday, the Phillies hit the reset button on a possible start date for Jimmy if he needs to go on the disabled list.


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