Nix Bests Phils With Bat and Glove

2 Jun

In 15 tries, John Lannen had never beaten the Phillies, until today.

There was no way anyone expected the Phillies to drop two of three in D.C. but the Nationals young lineup of jitters found a way to beat Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt.

Oswalt wasn’t bad, but the Phillies couldn’t produce enough run support for Roy to pull ahead of the Nats. Their best chance came in the sixth inning when the Phils loaded the bases and Charlie pulled Oswalt back choosing to let Domonic Brown and his hot bat take a chance against reliever Doug Slaten. Brown slapped Slaten’s pitch to left center and it looked as though the Phils were about to pull ahead, but Laynce Nix had other ideas. If you didn’t get a chance to see his catch then you really missed something.

You can’t blame Charlie for pulling Oswalt.  It was pretty damn hot, and it appeared that this might be their best chance to score against the Nationals.

Honestly I don’t feel as bad about the loss after watching the replays of Nix’s amazing dive a few more times. It was unbelievable, and if it’s not the number one web gem and play of the day on SportsCenter I will go to work in my underwear on Friday.  With the way they had Brown played it really should have dropped.

Oh yeah, and Nix hit the game winning homer, too…

There is plenty of anticipation for Friday when Shane Victorino should be activated off the disabled list.  It will be the first time that the Phillies will have their lineup 1-8 the way they pictured it in Spring Training.  The Pirates will start righty Jeff Karstens (3-4) so Domonic Brown will likely start in right field.  Karstens has pitched relatively well, allowing just two runs or less in six of his eight starts.  The Phillies will counter with Cole Hamels who is coming off his first career win in Citi Field.


One Response to “Nix Bests Phils With Bat and Glove”

  1. Matthew Peaslee June 2, 2011 at 12:07 pm #

    idnt realize Victorino would be coming back in time for Pittsburgh. Can’t wait for the Phils to come to PNC, this weekend. Always a great crowd, thanks to you guys. Still, the series is always competitive. The way were playing, this weekend will be no different.

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