Are Things Coming Together?

27 May


So are things really coming together for the Phillies? It may be so…

Think of it like this. The Phillies just went 10-10 in the last three weeks, but they played some tough teams, and with some pretty poor offense. So you have to think that it was a pretty successful stint.

Now they are looking at a stretch of series against all clubs that are playing some pretty sad baseball.

• The Mets (22-26)

• The Nationals (21-28) currently in the middle of a five game losing streak.

• The Pirates (22-26) currently in the middle of a three game losing streak.

• The Dodgers (22-29)

• The Cubs (22-26)

The return of Chase Utley have sparked the Phillies, and the addition of Domonic Brown in the lineup has produced some excitement as well.

Not to mention that after a terrible slump, Raul Ibanez is on an absolute tear, bringing his average up another 26 points in the last ten games.

The Phillies also got back the services of Jose Contreras. Jose was extremely valuable to the Phillies in April, and will hopefully pick up right where he left off.

Shane Victorinio also appears to be on the mend. Shane is scheduled to play at Single A Lakewood this weekend, and with the Reading Phillies next week. Shane was seen doing sprints at Citizens Bank Park this week, and did not look like a guy with an injury.

There are still some concerns…

J.C. Romero does not appear to be effective anymore. I’m getting the sense that his days are numbered. There are only so many roster spots available, and even though J.C. Is making over $1MM this season, the Phillies need a guy that can actually strike someone out. I think that guy is David Herndon. Honestly I was surprised that he was sent back down by the Phillies with the activation of Contreras. Herndon appears like he has figured things out, but the Phillies liked the progress he made in Triple A and would like him to continue to work on things. They hung on to him all last year for a reason.

Offensively the Phillies appear to be pulling out of the funk, but I’d like to see more. The starters are pitching great, but there needs to be a little more support for them so that they don’t rack up so many innings.

It does appear that the Phillies we remember might just be on their way back.


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