I Prayed For A Rainout

19 May

I’m sorry for any of the unlucky people that had tickets for Thursday night’s game. The weather was terrible, and so were the Philles.

Joe Blanton’s elbow has done him in. Big Joe was scratched from the game roughly 20 minutes before the start of the game. Kyle Kendrick was quickly whisked to the bullpen to begin warming. I’m not sure why exactly the Phillies rushed Joe back to the big club so quickly after his stay on the disabled list. More on this tomorrow.

Jason Giambi single handedly knocked the Phillies out of the in the first inning when he crushed a pitch from the hand of Kyle Kendrick into the second deck. 3-0 Rockies.

Then in the third Giambi murdered his second ball off Kendrick. 5-0 Rockies.

With the crowd booing like crazy, and the “You took steroids!” chant ringing from the crowd, he blasted another homer off Danys Baez. 7-1 Rockies.

Kyle just didn’t have it on Thursday. Three innings and 73 pitches. We don’t know when exactly Kyle found out he was going to start, but he was obviously not ready for it. Charlie Manuel said that he only heard about Blanton’s issue about 20 minutes before game time, so we can only assume that Kendrick warmed up pretty quickly.

Thank goodness Roy Halladay is pitching on Friday because the bullpen is going to be pretty taxed tomorrow. Hopefully the other eight guys in the lineup will show up, too.

Side Notes –

Vance Worley – Could Vance be packing his bags for Philly again? Jeez, he should be.

Shane Victorino – Shane is headed to the disabled list. That’s what I got from Ruben tonight. He was pretty short, but it seemed pretty clear. I’m unsure of who will be called up in s place, but Ruben said it won’t be Dominic Brown.  My best guess is Delwyn Young who is playing right field for the IronPigs right now.

Chase Utley – Chase started again for the Clearwater Threshers on Thursday, and went 0-2 with two walks. Chase will not be coming back to Philly despite a few roster spots opening up. Chase could be back up with the Phils before the end of the home stand.

Hey, you’re ugly! – Could Jason Giambi possibly be the ugliest player in all of baseball? I think it’s pretty possible.  Your beard is weird.


2 Responses to “I Prayed For A Rainout”

  1. mlblogsbarbward May 20, 2011 at 9:28 am #

    I’m sorry but I started out listening to the game on radio and gave up after the second homer by Giambi. I just knew that starting Kendrick last night with such short notice would not go well and I was right. The Phillies continue on with their “rag tag” way of playing ball. They’re either up or they’re down. No consistency is doing them in…. for now.

    • mlblogsbarbward May 20, 2011 at 9:30 am #

      P.S.– I think that every Phillie fan was praying for a rainout and just as our luck would have it we were denied.

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