Resilient Phils Beat Fish

12 May


After a tough loss on
Tuesday the Phillies bounced back with a great come from behind win to take the
series 2 games to one against the Florida Marlins.  It is great to see a
club that is struggling for hits be able to muster up a win against a tough
team like Florida.  


Cliff Lee pitched six
strong innings, but didn’t factor into the decision as he was pulled for a
pinch hitter in a move that paid off for the Phils in their come back.  


Shane Victorino
homered in the top of the 8th to tie the game at three.  Shane is in the
middle of a 14 game hitting streak.  


Before coming to the
plate in the 9th Jimmy Rollins had gone 0-4, but he came up with the winning
hit and everything else was forgotten.  Rollins was the difference in the
game on Tuesday, but this time it was in the favor of his club.


A moral victory is a
great boost for a club that is headed into the start of a very difficult


Side Notes – 


Brian Schneider – Brian strained his left hamstring while trying to score from
second in last night’s game.  Brian most likely will have to sit for a few
games, but Carlos Ruiz is expected
to return to the Phillies lineup on Friday night in Atlanta. 


Raul Ibanez – Raul is batting .455 in the month of May.  His five
doubles, two homers, and five RBI have him near the top of the National League leaders
for the month.  Pretty nice to see after his 0-35 slump that he carried
into May. 


Ryan Madson – Madson notched his fifth save of the season.  Madson is 5
for 5 since taking over the role of Phillies closer. 


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2 Responses to “Resilient Phils Beat Fish”

  1. barbward May 12, 2011 at 11:22 am #

    I really needed that boost at the end of my day. My life has sucked so far this week. I listened to the first half of the game on radio and was in my car when I heard Lee’s hit and Schneiders injury. My heart went out to both of them. I was not optimistic at the results of the game but I was uplifted when true “Phillies” spirit shone through and the comeback was sealed. This is the spirit that is missing some games. If they can just keep it in tack, well, then great things will happen. Looking forward to Ruiz’s comeback but I hope it’s not too soon. I realize that the Phils have very little choice. Think they can get Chris Coste out of retirement? LOL

    • Phanatic Addict May 17, 2011 at 9:54 pm #

      Thanks for stopping in Barb. Let’s see if we can get this issue solved on the PhilaPhans page.

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