Frustration in Florida

11 May


Just a few notes for
you on last night’s loss in Florida.


The Phillies sure had
their chances.  When you have two pitchers like this going toe to toe, you
can’t make mistakes, and you have to capitalize on
the littlest opportunities. 


Roy Halladay out pitched Josh Johnson for sure,
but he made some costly mistakes.  Roy will tell you that he didn’t want
to walk Johnson, in fact, since joining the Phillies Roy Halladay has never walked
a pitcher. 


The Phillies made
mistakes.  The errant throw by Jimmy Rollins eventually
cost the Phillies the second and winning run.  Prior to last night the
Phillies had gone over 70 innings without an error.  That’s what it takes
to win a one run game.  


There isn’t anyone to
blame, and this wasn’t as huge as a loss as one would think.  It was tough to take, but let’s remember, and
give Josh Johnson credit, because he is really, really good.


Cliff Lee heads to the
hill for the rubber match. 


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