Utley Looks Good In Florida

8 May

Chase Utley came out swinging in his

appearance in an extended spring training game.  Chase went 5-7, with
three singles and two home runs.  Hold on to your excitement for a while,
because there is still a pretty long road in front of Chase, but this is a big

It felt pretty good just to get back out between the lines,” Utley said.
“So far so good, and we’ll see how it responds tomorrow and go from

There are no games on Sunday, so Chase will rest and see how things feel before
another game.  Recovery time is something that Chase and team physicians
are going to be monitoring. Chase didn’t play the whole game, and will be
working himself up to something like that. 

Side Notes –

This Blog – There are some issues going on with this blog that I can’t
explain.  For some reason images don’t load anymore, but I’m a week away
from the new software upgrade, so that will hopefully fix some things. Please
stay with me.  Thanks!

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One Response to “Utley Looks Good In Florida”

  1. raysrenegade May 8, 2011 at 12:21 pm #

    Only a week and then ( fingers crossed) the photo issues might disappear. Still, I have found if you are patient and go back a bit later, the photos do finally get accepted and you can get them posted to your post.
    It is one of those idios that have spawned up over the past few months from this old blog platform.
    Still a bit leary on thw whole WordPress deal, but filled with anticipation of a better overall format, extended widgets, gidgets and tools to expand our posts and profiles.
    As for Utley, glad to see he is rehabbing and showing signs of coming back strong and ready to help the Phillies retain their level of exictement. Would love to hear a sound byte of his first at bat….It might crack the Liberty Bell a little more….maybe.

    Rays Renegade

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