The D-Brown Watch Begins… Again

3 May

Now that Domonic Brown has been activated off the disabled list people are going to be watching him a little bit closer. He knows it, but isn’t letting that impact his return to the big leagues.  He wants to come back, and stay back, and that appears to have triggered the reset button of the young slugger.


“My confidence is back
high,” Brown said. “My confidence was high then, but switching the
hands and everything kind of got me down a little bit, took this time off, and
everything happens for a reason. . .My hands just started getting higher and
higher as I went up in the big leagues, and I wasn’t playing every day, so they
were just getting higher and higher. We were really just trying to get them
back down the normal way, and they just kept dropping and dropping. Now I’m
back where I need to be. I feel strong, confident.”

Domonic says that he is following the Phillies, but not allowing it to allow it
to influence him.

“Of course I’m paying attention to what is going on up there,” he
said. “Hopefully I can contribute to the team whenever.  Right now, I’m thinking about Lehigh. That’s
where my mind is right now.  I just want
to take it one step at a time, and I wasn’t doing that in spring training. I
was trying to go for the home run every single at-bat, and that’s not my game
at all. I’m a patient hitter. Get my walks, a couple strikeouts, but I’m very
patient at the plate. I wasn’t doing that.”


It’s likely that Domonic is going to
be spending a little time in Triple-A, going 1-5 in his 
appearance last night with a single and a run scored.

He hasn’t seen a lot of playing time with his injury and the Phillies
don’t want to disrupt his re-acclamation to swinging the bat the way he likes. Remember,
Domonic plays right field, not left.
not going to be replacing Raul anytime soon.

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