Two Sombreros – Two Game Winning Hits

24 Apr


Ryan Howard has looked
like Phillies worst batter in this four game series with San Diego with eight
strikeouts.  Four in last night’s game, and four in the game on


The Golden
, as it is called, is a rare and inglorious feat where a
player strikes out four times in one game.  Ryan Howard has now done it in
two of the last three games.  


At the same time Ryan
has also been the Phillies best hitter in the series.  Ryan has four of
the seven Phillies RBI in the three games, and two of them have been game
winning hits.  He’s making it hard to say that he’s having a bad series.  


Sunday looks to be the
most winnable of the games in the series which pits Roy
 against the Padres Wade LeBlanc.  LeBlanc is making a
spot start for the Padres who are trying to straighten things out with their
rotation after playing in a doubleheader on Wednesday.  LeBlanc has been
called up from Triple-A Tucson and after three starts boasts a 6.87 ERA. 


Halladay will also be
trying to straighten things out after suffering his worst start since
last June.  


Side Notes –


Madson –  Mad Dog got notched his second save of the
season on Saturday.  I want to credit
PhilaPhans Colunist Mike Azzalina for pointing out that the Phillies
broadcasters spent two innings talking about Jose Contreras’s watch, but not
saying anything about why Jose was unavailable to pitch in the game. Always insightful
Wheels and T-Mac…

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