Phils Lose Behind Lee

9 Apr

cliffyanked.jpgJust one day after Roy Halladay had seemingly righted the ship with an 11-0 win over the Mets, the Phillies behind Cliff Lee suffered another loss. 

Cliff Lee just didn’t have his good stuff on Friday night against the Braves. Lee was hit hard over 3.1 innings and never escaped the 4th.  Cliff threw plenty of strikes, but his location wasn’t there and many of his pitches were up making it easy for the Braves to strike back after the Phillies took an early 3-0 lead.

Lee was indeed off.  He hit another batter which give him 2 in 10 innings this season. He hit 2 in 248 innings last season.

For a pitcher to be successful he needs to have good defense behind him throughout the game. In the bottom of the fourth inning Shane Victorino clearly overran Chipper Jones’ fly ball and it cost the Phillies dearly. Lee only saw one more batter after Chipper’s 3-run double and he quickly offered up a single and was pulled from the game.

Give credit to the Braves, as it wasn’t all mistakes by Lee that gave them the win.  They hit the ball well, ran the bases smart and played great defense behind starter Tim Hudson.  

The Phillies look to bounce back today at 1:10 with Roy Oswalt making his second start.

Side Notes –

Manny Ramirez – Good riddance.  There was nothing to like about Manny after the way that he left Boston and then Los Angeles.  He had Hall of Fame numbers for sure, but his second PED charge in as many years made the slugger choose retirement over the enforced 100 game suspension.  I won’t miss him and his stupid antics one bit.  

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