Last Few Days in Clearwater

19 Mar

IMG_2481.JPGIt’s really been a wild trip down here so far this season.  I’m really a luck boy to have my family that lives in Tampa.  It’s always a blast to visit them, but kinda exhausting, too.  They’re way more exciting then I am.  That’s for sure.

I’ve really had little time to be in front of the computer over the last few day, and this is kinda gonna be on the brief side as well. I just wanted to quickly say thank you to all the fans that i got to talk to down here and especially the ones that let me take their picture.  I posted a few links on my Facebook to my Photobucket with PhilaPhans so you can see what I saw these last few days.

Quick impressions-

The Starters – They looked pretty rough.  Lee and Hamels got touched up pretty good, but Oswalt looked pretty good.   Lee started out great but had a pretty tough 4th and got bounced from the game.  Hamels had a tough first inning on Saturday, and only went 3.2 innings.

The Pen- I gotta tell you I like what I have seen from the relievers this spring, including Danys Baez who pitched well again today. 

The Offense – Not to shabby.  It takes the hitters a little longer to come around compared to the pitchers in the spring, so I’m not surprised that the Phillies have struggled a little.  If we can just get these guys to put up about 4 runs a game I think we should be pretty solid.

I’ll give you all a better prospective when I get back to PA and have a little more time to dive into everything I got to see from our club down in Florida.

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One Response to “Last Few Days in Clearwater”

  1. raysrenegade March 19, 2011 at 8:45 pm #

    I can tell you Baez is a COMPETITOR.
    I still remember when he was with the Rays and the level of intensity and focus he gets when hehit the mound, even for just warming up in the Bullpen.
    If Lidge does have a few hiccups, hopefully Baez and maybe Grilli will get a chance to be a 1-2 8th and 9th inning combo.
    Glad the weather kept it beautiful for you while you were here, plus we brought the NCAA Tourney here just so you have something to do at night.
    Seriously, been a great week with temps in the 70’s and skies that were blue for days. Problem is, in two weeks it is all for real again…..I can’t wait!

    Rays Renegade

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