Spring Training Continues Without Utley

8 Mar

chaseutley.jpgWe’re now a little more then two weeks into the Spring Training game schedule and Chase Utley has yet to swing a bat, at least not in a game anyway. The competition in right field has taken a sad turn with Domonic Brown having to have surgery this morning on his fractured hamate bone in his right hand.  So let’s touch on these issues quickly.

Domonic’s Hand – Domonic had the hamate bone removed from his hand this morning in Philadelphia.  He’ll have his stitches removed in about 10 days or so and he’s going to need to wear a splint on his hand for close to a month.  Phillies head trainer Scott Sheridan had this to say about Domonic’s prognosis. 
“Normal return on a hamate excision is about four to six
weeks. That return means back to playing full out in four to six weeks.
The biggest issue he’s facing is how sensitive is the scar and how does
he tolerate those kinds of progressions”  Sheridan said.  

Once the stitches are removed Brown will need to manage the scar on his hand, and will need to wait about two more weeks post-stitches to swing a bat.  Domonic will return to Clearwater tomorrow and resume his cardio routine.

Chase Utley – Is no news good news?  I really don’t know. There isn’t really much to report on the health of Chase, but I have been trying to figure out what it would be like without him in the lineup.  It’s not really what I want, but it’s starting to look pretty likely that we may not see Utley in a game until some time in May.  From what I hear about this kind of injury it’s not something that has a quick fix and that the cortisone shot that he received was merely just to reduce the inflammation.  

So this blog that you read is pretty important to me.  I really wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you all coming and checking it out everyday.  I really enjoy getting to chat with you all on my Facebook.   I have been writing now for the site PhilaPhans and have really been enjoying that.  Make sure you check them out and consider joining their forums.  It’s a great place to chat with other fans about this team that we love.  We’ve got a bunch of great things planned for this spring, so stay tuned. 


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