Cliff Throws, Werth Speaks

22 Feb

fine.JPGJust a few notes from today…

Cliff Lee threw live BP today to a very excited crowd at the Carpenter Complex.  It was about 40 pitches and he said afterward that he felt fine.  Cliff threw all of his pitches during the session which includes a fastball, cutter, breaking ball, and a change up.  Cliff told pitching coach Rich Dubee that he could have thrown a little more.

Jayson Werth reported to the Washington Nationals Spring Training facility today in Viera Florida and commented on a number of things, including his past with the Phillies.

“I think if they would have played it right they would have us both.  I mean, they traded Cliff away for prospects and then realized that that was probably not what they should have done” Werth said. “The ended up paying him a lot more than they would have if they’d signed him the year before.  Then we would have had him.  Chances are if they had signed him before they traded him, it probably would have made it a little easier to sign me.” 

Oh brother.  I think someone is a little bit bitter.  Rumor has it that Jayson feels slighted by the Phillies, but he wanted to cash in and he did.  It’s understandable.  The Phillies have let it be known that they feel like they their addition of Cliff Lee, should offset the number of runs that they may or may not score.  I’m sure that Jayson probably felt unwanted, but he should be happy because that contract that he got… He’s never going to live up to it.

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One Response to “Cliff Throws, Werth Speaks”

  1. barbward February 24, 2011 at 10:00 am #

    Werth’s heart probably wants to be in Philly but his head made the decision to do what he did. It’s probably a decision that he still making peace with. I think that he’s making the best of it. Money isn’t everything in your heart of hearts. He has a right to be bitter but I also think that there were things that he could have/ should have done to endeared himself more in Philly, Phillies fans and with the Phillies management. I was even brash enough to write him a letter during last season giving him suggestions. I wonder if he ever read it. I guess that I’ll never know.

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