Day 2 in Clearwater

14 Feb

presser.jpgAlrighty, so let’s get to the highlights of the second day of Spring
Training in Clearwater.  By now I’m sure you know that the pitchers had a
group press conference at Brighthouse Field to get all the rest of the stupid questions out of the way so they can get down to business. 

You would have thought that the reporters throwing out the questions might have come up with some slightly more interesting questions, but we got a whole lot more of the “Cliff what made you choose Philly?” stuff.  The guy that asked about the cheese steaks? Dumb.  Cliff gave a real answer after that.  “I felt like this was the best chance to win world championships. That’s what it’s all about,” Lee said.

What bothers me is all this R2C2, Phantastic Phour stuff.  Was the media so star stuck that they just went stupid?  I’m as psyched about this starting rotation as you are, but don’t forget about Joe Blanton like this one reporter did….

“Cole, you are the only one at this table with a ring….” interrupting Cole says “He’s got one too”  Looking down at Joe.  Big Joe’s immediate response was “It’s okay, I know you always
forget about me.” 

Ouch!  Poor Joe.  I haven’t forgotten you Joe.  I still remember jumping around like a crazy person in the stands when you hit that homer in game 3 of the 2008 World Series. I was happy that Cliff, who really seemed to be fielding all the questions, said that they don’t care about all the dumb nicknames that they are focusing on the job ahead of them.

For the most part the guys all seemed to be enjoying themselves.  I think what’s best to take away from this is that they appear to mean business.  Let’s remember that they may appear to be one of the greatest rotations of all time, but they haven’t hit the field yet.  They know that they are something special, but they know that they need to go out there every night and prove.  

Oh yeah, and they worked out!  No toeing the rubber just yet, but it was a much less leisurely day then yesterday. 
Alright, bedtime…

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