MLB Considering Extending Playoffs

16 Jan

buddy.jpgI’ve been reading more and more about MLB considering extending the playoffs and I just can’t seem to find any reason to consider it good for baseball. 

MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, who is the one engineered the current playoff system, seems to think that extending the Postseason would make things more competitive in September rather then allowing the leaders to coast to the finish line.  Their ideas are kind of up in the air but the talk right now is that they are interested in adding another wild card team to each league.   The wild card teams would most likely have to play either a one-game winner take all type game, or a best of three series.  I don’t really know how this would be better for baseball, because basically this is going to add another week to the Postseason, which Selig himself had said previously was too long.

I mean come on guys, baseball is shouldn’t be played into November.  I’ve grown to be OK with the current system that we use today, I think it works pretty well.  The league was too large for just four divisions, so I’m happy that we have the six and the two wild cards.  That at least keeps things interesting.  Adding another wild card just makes it too easy for lesser teams to advance.  Soon we’re going to see teams with 96 wins playing ones with 86 in the playoffs and that will just be too unbalanced.

There are already too many gaps in October with the current playoff scenarios.  Teams having to wait four and five days between series for their next opponents.  We have series ending on Sundays and the next round starting the next Friday?  I know teams can benefit from a day or two off at the end of the season but no team likes having to sit idle for that long.  If you’re looking for another way to make baseball better consider something else.  Bud Selig is pretty goofy, but he’s made some pretty good changes in baseball.  Making the All-Star game count for something was good.  Home-run instant replay is good.  Speeding up the pace of the game is good. Winter sucks, and I miss baseball, but I don’t think we should expand the season anymore.

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One Response to “MLB Considering Extending Playoffs”

  1. ballparkeguides January 19, 2011 at 9:02 pm #

    I agree with you pretty much 100%. There are already enough playoff teams in baseball, and eight to me borders on too many.

    I’m 42, as long as I’ve been alive there have been times when undeserving teams in weak divisions made serious runs. Once in a while I can deal with it. But adding another wildcard team will create more of that.

    Hockey and basketball are ridiculous; sub-.500 teams make the playoffs every season. In football it’s what, 12 teams now? And don’t get me started on NASCAR.

    162 games will weed out the teams that don’t deserve to be there. If you’re not even the best in your division, you’re not the best team.

    Good post.

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