Phillies Interested in Former Met

12 Jan


The Phillies are reportedly interested in former Mets pitcher John Maine.  Maine’s agent Rex Gary confirmed the Phillies interest with 

Maine had season-ending shoulder surgery in July and his agent says that he has recovered very well.  He’s  turning 30 this May and if he signs would likely accept a Minor League deal that I imagine would be incentive laden.

The Phillies are known for their attraction to these types of low-risk/high reward type players.  Maine has a lot of upside and could make a good 5th starter should he be able to bounce back after what have been a few forgettable years with those sorry Mets.

As we all know spots 1-4 in the rotation have been carved into stone, and the Phillies are looking to unload Joe Blanton and his $18MM dollar contract.  I don’t particularly like the idea of taking any of the Mets leftovers, but for cheap $$ I might be ok with it.

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