No Deal With Reyes a Mystery- Update***

17 Dec


***Ok, It’s been confirmed.  Reyes took the physical and the Phillies Docs didn’t like what they saw, er… He flunked.***
Last week there were reports that the Phillies had agreed to a deal
with left handed pitcher Dennys Reyes, but according to Jim Salisbury the two sides have
parted ways
.  It’s a bit of a mystery, but it my best guess is that the Phillies didn’t like what they saw at the physical. They’re no easy way to say this, but Reyes is not exactly in the best shape for a professional athlete. Since the deal didn’t get done it’s possible that the Phillies decided just not to pass him and will keep it quiet so that Reyes can still have an opportunity to sign elsewhere with out a smudge on his record.

This might not be a terrible thing for the Phillies who did want to resign Chad Durbin, but as far as lefty relievers on the open market, there really aren’t any quality ones to choose from.  J.C. Romero is still out there, and he’d probably be open to a return to the Phillies for less money. The Phillies had been looking at Pedro Feliciano, but he signed with the Yankees today.

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