Getting Closer to Werth?

27 Nov

jDUB.jpgThe Phillies have offered salary arbitration to Jayson Werth, and some sources are saying that they are actually coming close to what he’s looking for.  It’s been rumored that Werth’s agent Scott Boras is looking to get his client something similar to what he got for Matt Holiday who received a contract worth $120 Million over seven years.  What might be happening is after testing the waters Werth and Boras are probably hearing that teams are not ready to commit that kind of money and/or years to a Werth, and the Phillies aren’t either.

I’m not exactly sure what it is they have going as far as $$$ and years are concerned although it’s pretty likely that they won’t want to commit to more then four years.  I still wouldn’t get my hopes up but if the Phillies can work something out that is a decent deal then I’m all for it.

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