Rumors Already Spinning

30 Oct

Nothing can happen until five days after the World Series is over, but the rumors have already begun to fly.  The biggest thing the Phillies have to worry about early is what their plan is with Jayson Werth

The Phillies have the first five days to negotiate exclusively with Jayson, but there there is no way he’s going to make a deal that quickly.  Especially with Scott Boras as his agent.  He’d never let a client make a choice that quick without hearing some other offers first. It’s pretty likely that the Yankees, Red Sox and a few of the other “Money” clubs are going to be looking at Werth and Carl Crawford as their top choices, although the Yankees said that they will not be looking at these guys.  Depending on how the Phillies decide how to go with Werth will dictate all their other moves.  I think we might see something like what happened in 2008 with Pat Burell.  The Phillies knew that Pat was just too expensive and went and signed Ibanez before people had even figured out Pat was gone.  Burell isn’t even in the same league as Jayson at this point in his career, but the Phillies knew that there were other options even after Pat had finally won the fans over after the victory in the World Series.  I think that they’ll try, but it’s likely that Jayson is going to be walking away.

One of the names that has been circulating over the last week is Nick Swisher of the Yankees.   Swisher has one year and $10 million left on his current deal. He has had two strong
regular seasons followed by poor Octobers. The Yankees would be foolish
not to listen on trade offers for him.  I’m not sure what we’d flip to the Yankees for him, but he’s a lesser expensive player for us to consider.  The Phillies would likely find a way to extend his deal and send a utility player to the Yankees since they are working on getting themselves a little younger in the outfield.  The only problem I have with Nick is that he’s a bit of a trash talker.  He had some garbage comments about Cliff Lee in the ALCS, and I’ve seen him say some other stupid things, too.  Although I appreciate his competitive nature.

Jim Salisbury of CSNPhilly says that he thinks the Phillies will be making some immediate calls about Cliff Lee. I’m not sure if I think that this team needs more starters, but more pitching is always good.  I wouldn’t get too excited here either.

I still think that it’s pretty likely that the Phillies don’t make a big splash.  I think that Werth will go, and Brown and Francisco will take turns out in right field.  I think that the Phillies will make some bullpen adjustments.  They will try to bring back Jose Contreras, and find another lefty if Antonio Bastardo isn’t their man to replace J.C. Romero.

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