The Boys Are Coming Home!

22 Oct

Now that was Phillies baseball!

Tim Lincecum and Roy Halladay both toed the rubber again on Thursday night and the Phillies did enough to bring the series back east.  Hopefully this shifts the momentum back in the Phillies favor.  This is going to be a really intense Saturday for the Phillies, but would they have it any other way?

Roy Halladay showed just what kind of man he is.  Halladay apparently strained his groin in the 2nd inning but toughed it out through the sixth.  Roy apparently rode a stationary bike between innings so that it wouldn’t tighten up.  He said that he was afraid to sit down that it might lock up on him.  As word spread through the dugout with what he was dealing with the team’s admiration for their ace grew to a new level.

“I think that speaks volumes of the type of person he is” Ryan Howard said after the game. “It just makes you wanna go out there and win”


Who cares about Sunday.  Win Saturday, that’s all that’s on the minds of the Phils.  If there’s one thing that this team has, its’ grit.  They may come across as cocky at times, but they love to play and they sure as hell are good at it. It sure does make it fun to watch. 

That’s why they’re the Fightin’ Phils… Even if they get knocked down you can bet that they’ll get back up!

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One Response to “The Boys Are Coming Home!”

  1. barbward October 22, 2010 at 6:23 pm #

    Halladay has my respect, admiration and awe. He’s the man! The Phillies are fighters. They never give up and never give in. They have fortitude enough to power through anything. Ya Gotta Believe in them. I am and will always be a loyal fan no matter what. Go Phils! Barb

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