Blanton is our Man

20 Oct

Sticking with Joe Blanton is the right move.  Charlie Manuel is taking a little heat for not going to Halladay, but since there is no break before Game 5, Roy Oswalt would then also have to go on short rest and so on.  You’re not asking one to go on short rest, you’re asking all of them.  I know their backs are against the wall, but I sill have a good bit of confidence.

Blanton hasn’t pitched in 3 weeks so he’ll be on a short leash if things get hairy.  I’m sure that Kendrick and Durbin are going to be ready as the long men in the pen. 

The pitching is not really the problem with the Phillies as I’m sure you’ve seen.  A little offense could really go a long way. During the season it would take the Phillies a little while to snap out of a funk, but they need to bounce back a little faster.

The Phillies are facing a rookie tonight, so let’s hope they can get to him quickly.  

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One Response to “Blanton is our Man”

  1. thomasox October 20, 2010 at 3:40 pm #

    Great stuff as always.
    Go Phils!
    ps. and no, YOU are the man, with your feature.

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