Cain was Able

19 Oct

It really doesn’t matter who’s going to be on the mound tomorrow if the Phillies don’t score some runs.  Joe Blanton or Cy Young, the bats must swing… and connect.

Matt Cain and the Giants put the Phillies to sleep Tuesday afternoon with great pitching.  The Giants only mustered 3 runs off Cole Hamels from 5 hits.  Normally there is a pivotal hit that puts one team over the top, but the Phillies offense was so poor that it really doesn’t matter which hit I mention.   Cain was very good, I don’t want to take anything away from him, and so was Cole Hamels.  The Phillies just didn’t get it done.

Hamels was good, not great, but good.  I would not hang this loss on him by any any means. Hamels went six innings with 8 strike outs.  I wasn’t happy with them pitching around Pat Burell considering we should know how to pitch to a guy that was a Phillie for 10 years, but again the Phillies didn’t score, so that doesn’t matter.

Joe Blanton is in a must win game.  I like his odds against this Bumgarner kid.  He pitched a great game against the Braves, so let’s hope that he gets wrapped up in they hype and importance of this game and blows it.  Blanton has pitched well since the All Star break.  He hasn’t really pitched much lately… A nice 24 day layoff for Blanton, but it’s the right move.   I’ll discuss that later, I’m too bummed right now to do much else then watch the ALCS and go to bed.

Have faith Phillies Phaithful…. It’s not over gang!

Things from Tuesday I didn’t like…

  • Shane Victorino free swinging in the lead off spot…. Take pitches, you’re not the 6 hole guy Shane!

  • Ibanez – When he’s hot, he’s hot… Right now he’s not.  I’m hoping that he sits for Ben Francisco on Wednesday.  Charlie needs to send a little message.

Things I liked….

  • Howard still swinging… I’ll take a few strike outs if he’s going to connect every now and then.

  • Werth taking pitches…  He’s patiant.  If he wants to wait for his pitch, that’s great.  As long as it isn’t strike 3.  

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