Oswalt Deals Loss to Giants

18 Oct
Roy Oswalt was sick of the questions that he had heard since his off night in the NLDS.  Roy didn’t perform up to the standards that the Big Three had been rolling with and needed to bounce back.

He did.  On the mound, and at the plate. 

Besides another Postseason home run for the the show boating Cody Ross, Oswalt kept the Phillies in the game all the way up until he finished out the 8th inning. 

Madson pitched a shaky, but scoreless ninth.

It appeared as if he might be getting the hook with one batter to go, but Carlos Ruiz told Oswalt before Charlie even got to the mound that he was staying in. 

Roy’s fastball was electric.  He didn’t even start using curve balls until the later innings.  In total Oswalt surrendered only 1 run over eight innings with 9 strikeouts. 


Roy Oswalt handled the bat pretty well throughout the night.  In the 4th inning he worked Sanchez in an eight pitch at bat.  He popped out, but all those pitches add up.  It was especially impressive after Oswalt dug himself a quick 0-2 count.  He didn’t get the hit or work a walk, but it reminded me of Brett Myers at bat against C.C. Sabathia in the 2008 NLDS.   Roy lead off the seventh with a single, and then advanced to second on a bunt from the bat of Shane Victorino.  Polly came to the plate with yet another chance for an RBI. 

He got it. 

“I saw the ball and knew it was gonna drop,” Oswalt said “I told myself I was gonna score.” 

Score he did.  Oswalt ran right through third base coach Sam Perlozzo’s stop sign.  “Too late now” Oswalt told himself.

“Go for it,” Manuel said. “After he ran through it, what are we going to
do, rope him? I’m not a cowboy. I might look like one, talk like one,
but I’m not one.”


Jimmy Rollins provided a little spark in the 7th inning, too.  Jimmy shot a bases clearing double off the right field wall that gave the Phillies a commanding 6-1 advantage.  A score that would hold. 

“This was a must win for us. We had to make sure we got some momentum
going into their place. It’s a tough place to play, but now we’re back
in it.”

Why did the Phillies win this game?  Good pitching, yes, but more so because they did the little things right.  They took advantages of scoring opportunities.  They played good defense.  Victorino and Raul Ibanez made some amazing catches in the outfield.  They made the Giants work awfully hard to escape with a split in the series.

As if you didn’t know, Cole Hamels will pitch Tuesday in San Francisco.  A sweep would be nice, but as long as the Phillies can escape with 2 of 3 in Cali things will be looking good for another N.L. Pennant.

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