Phillies Cash in on Reds Errors

9 Oct

bruce.jpgThe Phillies are now ahead of the Reds with a commanding 2-0 lead in the NLDS. 

It was far less dramatic then Wednesday’s No-No but a win is a win and that’s all that counts at the end.

A comedy of errors allowed the Phillies to find their way back into Friday night’s game after a tough outing for Roy Oswalt.  The most costly was when Jay Bruce lost Jimmy Rollins soft fly to right field (He says in the lights) allowing the Phillies to pull ahead.  I didn’t think that ball went high enough to be lost in the lights, but who cares, he missed it and I’m glad.

Chase Utley is all the buzz on Saturday after closer looks at a few plays he was involved in.  All I know is that Chase is a gamer and did what he does best.  Utley may or may not have been tagged by that pitch but he did the right thing and put his head down and ran to first.  I think he probably was out at second, but I’m not complaining.  It was close. Finally, it looks to me like he did touch third.  I think it’s what caused his stumble.   

As for Oswalt, he’ll bounce back.  He didn’t have a terrible outing because the Phillies were still in the game.  The offense remarkably scored seven runs without a homer.  I’m hoping to see a little more fire power in Sunday night’s game.  Hamels will be on the mound to close it out.  He’ll be opposed by right-hander Johnny Cueto.   

I want to note that I think the the bullpen did a marvolus job.  Seeing as these guys are basically starving for work they came in and handled a pretty dangerous lineup. 


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One Response to “Phillies Cash in on Reds Errors”

  1. barbward October 9, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

    I’m not worried abt Oswalt. He had a shaky night but that’s okay. Utley is the ultimate of gamers and I love him for it. His head is always in the game. The Phils took advantage of errors and battled back. Isn’t that what we all love about them? Isn’t that what makes them an excellent team? Love being a Philly gal born and raised, still living in the city and loving my Phils 🙂

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