Why Halladay Will Win

6 Oct

Last December we all got an early Christmas present from Ruben Amaro Jr.  Roy Halladay had agreed to waive his no trade clause and come to Philadelphia and be a Phillie.   Roy has won himself a Cy Young, but other then that he’s had very little to be proud of in Toronto since his entry to the Majors in 1998.  With one year left on his contract with the Blue Jays Roy had the ability to ride out one more losing season and hit the open market and become a free agent.  Likely earning more then the Phillies gave him. 

But he didn’t do that.  He signed with the Phillies.

The reason he came here is because he’s a REAL ball player.  He wants to win.  All of it.

“When you go out there, I think you have to take it all in a little
bit,” Halladay said at his Tuesday news conference. “So I’m definitely
looking forward to that. I think once the game starts it’s business as
usual. But you work all off-season, all season to get to this point. You
don’t want to go through it and miss something. It’s definitely
something I’m looking forward to. It’s a great challenge. It’s something
I’ve wanted to do my whole career.”

We’re pretty happy to have him here.

“I’ve loved being a part of this staff,” Halladay said. “To be going out
there and watching guys dominate the way they have, it’s been a lot of
fun for me. That is something that I haven’t gotten to do a whole lot. I
do it from the other dugout, not really the same dugout. So it’s been
tremendous. And really, Cole, to me, has been since day one by far the
most impressive for me to watch. I’ve seen a lot more than I expected,
and I expected a lot.”

Yes, I have said that this Reds line up is very dangerous, but Roy Halladay did not come her to lose.  He’s going to give it everything he’s got to get himself, and out city a championship.  This is the moment that he’s been waiting for his entire career.  He’s not going to blow it.  Tonight at 5:07 the greatest Phillies team in our lifetime will take the field behind Roy.  Expect them to win.

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One Response to “Why Halladay Will Win”

  1. rmadara October 6, 2010 at 1:33 pm #

    I just have one little fact to quibble about. This is not the greatest Phillies team in our lifetime. This is the greatest Phillies team of ALL time. I’ve lived to see about 50 years of Phillies teams. With all due respect to the “Whiz Kids” and the 1980 team that won it all for the first time, we are now living in the greatest era ever of Phillies baseball.

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