Phillies Stay Hot In Atlanta

1 Oct

Knowing that you’re already in the playoffs doesn’t mean anything to Charlie Manuel.  He wants to win everyday. 

With the best record in baseball and home field advantage already all locked up and secure the Phillies could have just put the “B Team” out on the field and relaxed in the dugout, but this team wants to stay hot.  Besides the garbage runs that the bullpen allowed at the end it was all Phillies on offense. It was the 96th win of the season for your Phillies. 

Jimmy Rollins did hit the blast that put the Phillies lead out of reach, but Carlos Ruiz and Raul Ibanez have really been hitting great in September.  Chooch went 3-5 with an RBI.  He’s batting over .300 for the season, and is really clutch with runners in scoring position. 

Kendrick made some mistakes, but was sill effective enough to win.  He only went five innings, but I think he might have went longer if he hadn’t been pulled for a pinch hitter in the sixth.

The Phillies have announced their Postseason pitching rotation. 

Roy Halladay – Game 1 NLDS Wednesday at Citizens Bank Park.

Roy Oswalt – Game 2 NLDS Friday at Citizens Bank Park

Cole Hamels – Game 3 NLDS Sunday Game 3 At TBA

Halladay and Oswalt would go game four and five.

It’s obvious why Halladay is getting the nod for Wednesday.  The Phillies have chosen Oswalt for game 2 because Oswalt is unbeaten at home (9-0).  Hamels is sick, so he bumped Cole back to Sunday to get him out for a couple innings.  Cole is 3-0 lifetime at Great American Ballpark, so if we’re facing the Reds it makes sense.  Charlie Manual said that he plans to have Roy Oswalt come into Sunday’s game after Hamels just to get him some innings.  Hamels did have a bullpen on Friday and despite his cold Pitching coach Rich Dubee said that Hamels looked “Great.”

I can’t see how the Phillies won’t end up playing the Reds.  The Reds are a powerful team but they’re really young.  I like how the Phillies pitching looks against these guys.  Of the three possible teams they might play the Phillies have played the best against the Reds.  

Side Notes –

Bastardo – Six strikeouts in his last two games…. I think we found a good replacement for J.C. Romero for next year.

Weather – Lots of rain in the forecast for next week.  Do a dance, say a prayer, whatever… NO RAIN!

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