Oswalt Pitches Five – Prep for Postseason Begins

29 Sep

Roy Oswalt pitched five innings against the Washington Nationals on Tuesday night in preparation for the Postseason. Roy was very good only surrendering one run on two hits.  The Phillies had a chance to win it, a couple of them actually but couldn’t get any more runs across the plate after Raul’s solo homer.

The bullpen was good, especially Antonio Bastardo who struck out the side in the 8th.  The 9th didn’t last long for Jose Contreras served up a monster of a home run to Adam Dunn.  I haven’t seen many homers like that at Nationals Park. Those guys deserved a little excitement like a walk off homer after having to watch us celebrate on their home turf last night. 

With a comfortable lead the Phillies were able to rest most of their players for the night and will probably continue to do so, and rotate in all of their bench players that could use a little more time.

This is also a last ditch audition for some of the bench players to make the roster.  As I see it Sweeney and Francisco are in, Valdez is in, and likely is Ross Gload.  Beyond that I’m not too sure. Guys like Greg Dobbs, who went 0-4 with two strikeouts last night, and Domonic Brown I’m unsure of.  Brown looked good after his layoff last night, but it’s hard to say.

“They want to carry the best guys, and rightfully so,” Dobbs said.
“Whether or not I’m a part of that mix, I don’t know. I’m going to go
out there and have fun and do what I’ve always done and play a good game
and if that convinces them either way that I should be on that roster
then so be it.”

Side Notes –

Polly – Polanco will have a cortisone injection this week to try and aid the pain of his sore elbow through October.

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